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Hello, I'm Arief Stark

I love creating. It doesn't matter if it’s taking photos, videos, drawing, sketching, spending hours in photoshop. It gives me this feeling that I am capable of anything. I always have this belief that I can create whatever I want, make and produce things myself. It gives me this satisfaction at the end of the day that “Wow I created that”. 

But this passion of creating only developed a few years back. I was in school for engineering my whole life. Math, physics, chemistry, I used to be a math whiz. I found out throughout the years that there’s no point in doing something that you don’t truly love, where it doesn’t involve your heart and soul. I realize I was meant for better things. 

I’ve worked various jobs in retail, manufacturing, fine dining - exposing me to different aspects of human psychology, allowing me to view the world from different perspectives. All this made me realize we are on the same journey but different paths, each paths created by ourselves ultimately leading to one goal: We’re all just trying to make it in this world. 

My journey involves me traveling halfway across the world in search of my own path and the constant “finding myself” thoughts. This journey made me realize that the possibilities are endless and leads me to the question: Why choose a path when you can create one yourself?

So I began my journey of creating, with the voice in my head constantly telling me I can create whatever I want. I picked up the camera and self-taught how to take a photo and how to record a video in hopes of documenting people’s stories; the artist, the musician, the creatives, everyone has a story. I picked up the pen and pencil and learn design, helping brands tell their stories. And now I want to help you do the same.




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